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As Seen On A&E and Flip This House

At This Workshop, You'll Be Introduced To:

  • How to have motivated sellers banging down your door!
  • How to capitalize on deals that most investors won't touch.
  • How to build a pool of buyers that will move your properties in 28 days or less!
  • How to dominate your market and eliminate the competition!
  • Stop wasting months of your life trying to negotiate short sales or fighting over unprofitable deals at the auction!

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Free Gifts Included - Over $500 Value
  • Get a full chapter on CD of "awe-inspiring" book,

    Cracking the Success Code

    Expert tips on health, wealth & success.
  • Deed Flipping Blueprint $497 Blueprint

    Your seat is my gift along with enrollment into the Deed Flipping Blueprint program.
  • FREE MP3 Player Free MP3 Player

    As a bonus, everyone who attends the seminar will receive a free MP3 player!
The Montelongos have been featured on: Flip This House, USA Today, Business Journal and The New York Times

Student Success Stories

  • "David's system helped me make $18,000 on my first deal and $22,000 on deal number 2 & 3, Deed Flipping is the real deal!"

    Adam L. - San Antonio, Texas

  • "McAllen is a small market and I am building my portfolio. The Deed Flipping Blueprint strategy put $20,000 of equity in my pocket and over $230.00 of positive cash flow every month; not bad for investing $1,100 to catch my seller up on payments!"

    Jason C. - McAllen, Texas

  • "We've done 3 deals now, the very first one was a Deed Flip deal and we made $10,000 in profit on our first deal!"

    David, Cindy, & J.R. - Houston, Texas

  • "I've learned more in the first 30 days about Real Estate Investing using David's system than I have in the last three years under several other courses."

    Jane V. - Canada

  • The Passion & Vision of David Montelongo, the Real Estate Coach

    David Montelongo is leading the way for the next generation of Real Estate Investors. It is his personal goal to help you achieve the lifestyle that you now deserve by sharing the real estate strategies that are working in today's real estate industry.

    David has been an entrepreneur for over 12 years and is nationally recognized as a highly successful Real Estate Investor and business negotiator. He has used his business savvy and ability to connect with people to grow several multi-million dollar businesses while mentoring hundreds of students.

    David has always worked along side family in business and feels passionate about taking in his students and partners in as extended family. One of David's core values is to be passionate about what you work at so that your work becomes and extension of who you are and there are no lines between work and play.

    "Flip This House" | The ACTUALITY of Reality TV
    David Montelongo and his company Montelongo House Buyers were featured on the national real estate based reality show that was an instant hit with millions of viewers watching A&E's "Flip This House" every week. Taking his business to a national platform has allowed the American homeowner to have a glimpse into what it took to "flip" houses. While David would often slip clues to house flipping into the reality show, he knew there would be some major details left on the editing room floor.

    So David has taken his proven "blueprint" in marketing for motivated seller leads, negotiating with sellers, and understanding the needs of today's homebuyer and coined a brand new strategy in the real estate investing world that he calls Deed Flipping.

    David Montelongo coaches others in making millions in Real Estate Investing
    David's approachable demeanor paired with his business confidence has attracted budding and seasoned real estate investors from all over the world. What most people don't know about David is that over the last couple of years he and his team have been down "in the trenches" doing deals and building a very successful this DEAD real estate market.

    Investors have joined him in the best time in history to invest in the real estate market. David has used his "post bubble" strategies to infuse his San Antonio based real estate business with new life, helping first time homebuyers and displaced homeowners. He and his team in the San Antonio office, "We Buy Sexy Houses- SA", have helped homeowners who thought they had only one looming solution, foreclosure. He and his team have thrived so well that they now have 8 offices across the United States, and business is booming when a lot of other people are struggling.

    David has shown, with solid evidence, the solutions that keep the American Dream alive by redefining the way families buy houses. David has created marketing strategies and proven systems to attract motivated sellers and cash buyers. David has shared these strategies with a select group of investors who have been able to create the lifestyles they have dreamed about. Many students have been able to move into new homes, quit their J.O.B., create a second income stream for a family member, buy a new car, and have started down the path to creating their family legacies. Along with these key strategies he shares how anybody can get over the fears of investing and have the courage to TAKE ACTION and NEVER GIVE UP!

    David Montelongo is known to be a "dealer of hope" to American homeowners and real estate investors looking to learn how to get started in real estate investing. He is a dedicated father and husband and is creating his family legacy along side you. He has committed to give you the blueprint that he has used to create the Lifestyle of your Dreams!

  • Q: How long will the free training last?
    A: The Freedom through Real Estate Workshop will last 90 minutes.

    Q: Should I bring anything to the Workshop
    A: You may want to bring a notebook and something to write with, since we'll be providing information about using real estate to build your financial freedom.

    Q: Is it ok to bring a family member or friend with me to the workshop?
    A: Yes, we would hope you bring a guest so they can be a part of this learning experience. Please register each guest separately. It will be more fun with a friend or family member.

    Q: Will I need to purchase anything or pay for anything at the workshop?
    A: No purchase is required at this event and it is completely free to attend. Plus you'll receive your free chapter from the eye-opening book "Cracking the Success Code" featuring, David Montelongo and Brian Tracy.

    Q: Will there be food or drinks at the workshop?
    A: We'll be covering a lot of information at this seminar and will not be serving food.

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